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Encounter the perennial truths of the faith as they are applied to questions of culture and various professions and academic disciplines. While the faith is changeless, it is also remarkably flexible, speaking to unique challenges from one generation to the next.
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A stone crucifix in the sunlight

Intellectual, Not (Merely) Devotional

What does it mean for a school to be Catholic? Does it refer to a commitment to scattered devotional practices, or does it speak to foundations in a deeper intellectual project?
Prime Matters
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A Lone Hiker at Sunrise

Resolution for a New Year

It is time to take stock, assessing the year that has passed and re-focusing the mind and spirit for what is to come, preparing to see all things through Christian eyes.
Prime Matters
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Light Shining on the Pieta

Real Knowledge

There are many ways notional knowledge can become real knowledge, the sort of knowledge that becomes a living truth within us. Prime Matters seeks to aid readers in this process.
Prime Matters
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A valley of red flowers

Our Unbeknownst Legacy

A palliative care physician reflects on the recent passing of his father and the many patients he has encountered in the midst of their suffering, all in the light of Christ's redemption.
Dr. Christopher Kolker
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A lighthouse in the morning

Business and the Light of the World

Mission-driven Catholic business education is founded upon the truths contained in the Nicene Creed and seeks to form professionals who shine forth with the light of Christ.
Dr. Karel Sovak
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A banjo player in a field at sunset

Why We Play

Folk music helps us to reflect on the past, build community, and refresh our spirits, ultimately speeding us along in our attempts to build a Christian culture.
Conor Kennelly
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The Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, Assisi, Italy

The Mendicant Vocation of Archbishop Chaput

Archbishop Charles Chaput joins Msgr. James Shea to discuss his vocation as a Franciscan friar, bishop, and archbishop, and to offer his insights on the current state of the Church in the United States.
Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput
Msgr. James P. Shea
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Two men hiking

Fraternity and Christian Freedom

What is true Christian fraternity? How can men form friendships that offer both encouragement and accountability?
James Baxter
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A football helmet in the grass during practice

Snaps. Chutes. Boards. Repeat.

Retired Super Bowl champion Matt Birk speaks on the importance of virtue, commitment, and doing the little things right both in athletics and the life of faith.
Matt Birk
Rev. Craig Vasek
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Days of Democracy

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Encounter a summary of the week's events presented through the Catholic imaginative vision and receive insights into upcoming Mass readings.