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Explainer Video 1: Catholic Imaginative Vision

Explainer Video: Catholic Imaginative Vision

Every society and individual views the world through a moral and spiritual imaginative vision...

Thumbnail for Christendom and Apostolic Explainer Video

Explainer Video: Christendom and Apostolic Modes of Engagement

There are two basic modes by which the Church engages the wider society in its mission to build the Kingdom of God: an apostolic mode and a Christendom mode.

Christianity, Science, and Scientism Thumbnail

Explainer Video: Christianity, Science, and Scientism

A common misconception is that science and religion are fundamentally at odds. Oftentimes this misconception arises from a flawed philosophic stance that has been called 'scientism.'

Christianity as a Revealed Religion Thumbnail

Explainer Video: Christianity as a Revealed Religion

If Christianity is a decisive revelation from God, the only sensible thing to do is receive it and put it into practice. If it is not, we are left to look elsewhere for wisdom.